Guess the Pumpkin October 25 2016

Some of you may have seen this before, but we had so much fun with it that we keep pulling out the photos every year.  How much does this pumpkin weigh?

Guesses were all over the place, some ranging well over 200 pounds.  Must really be an impressive pumpkin!

Then we offered the second photo to let everyone in on the joke.  The winning weight was about 7.5 pounds, and the contest winner was happy to take home her prize pumpkin.

Hon Alumni March 18 2016

When you have friends that you've known for more years than anyone would care to admit, it's a safe bet that a visit will be fun.  We first got to know each other while working at Cafe Hon in Baltimore, and still try to get together year after year.

And sometimes things get a bit crazy!

Always glad to have friends keeping in touch.

Snow! January 24 2016

Yes, it snows in Pennsylvania.  And when it snows you have to shovel.  Here's what it looked like last winter.

And this year it got a little deeper.

Of course, Rose is more than capable of handling situations like this.  (Well, perhaps there was a snowplow involved as well.)

Local eggs October 03 2014

Much of cooking is all about flavor, but appearances count for a lot as well.  A good friend and neighbor brought by these beautiful eggs fresh from her own chickens.  Always fun to see eggs this colorful, and taste them afterwards.