Dreamfarm August 10 2016

Dreamfarm is an Australian kitchenwares company that we've started carrying here at Redbud House.  Nice bright colors, mechanics that are well thought out, and materials that flex and scooch in just the right ways.  They offer a wider range of things than we can carry, so take a look at their website for everything you could imagine.  They have some really fun videos to watch, as well.

Supoon is their straight-nosed spoon with a silicone bowl that can be used for mixing or on the cooktop.  Also has teaspoon and tablespoon markings.

Chopula works great in a frying pan.  Stiff enough to chop things up in one direction, but still flexible enough to slide under the fluffiest pancake.

Garject is a fantastic self-cleaning garlic press.

And last, but certainly not least, Scizza, a scissors-type pizza cutter that's so much easier to use than the standard wheel cutter.